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I think I forgot to tell y’all I got my tongue pierced lol

I care too fast , I hurt too easy

I think I think too much

Brown skin women are so fine 😩😩😍😍🙌

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"Imma watch this later"

The reason why I have 11,000+ liked posts (via yappanese)

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20 facts about me

1.My name is Michelle
2.My favorite colors are red and purple
I had a weird obsession with octopi
3.I love macaroni and cheese , with hot sauce
4.I have an obsession with shoes
5.Piercings and tattoos are kind of my addiction
6.I love to read
7.I played the violin for 8 years
8.I don’t like my food touching
9.I don’t really have many female friends
10.I hate the smell of milk
11.I love gelato
12.I’m very passionate about things that I believe in
13.I’m very open minded
14.I have this thing about Erykah Badu
15.I HATE spaghetti
16.I despise ratchet/ghetto ppl
17.Lying is my biggest pet peeve
18.I’m passionate about teaching children
19.I love hello kitty
20.If I’m on the internet , 9x out 10 I’m researching somethin

"It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages."

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Not everybody you know is a friend.

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